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To: Department of Education, NPHET, Dr Ronan Glynn, HSA, HSE

Keep our schools safe- face masks strongly advised!

Advise and make mandatory for face masks to be worn in secondary schools (Unless medical reason not to) and for those who can and wish to wear them in primary schools.

Why is this important?

Public Health advise currently advises on social distancing of 2m and the wearing of face masks/coverings in public settings when indoors. Schools fall into this category and it is very apparent that social distancing will not be possible at 2m and unlikely in many settings at 1m. We need to afford our students and teachers and school ancillary staff the same HSA and health guidelines as other workers. Let’s keep our schools safe and open- the virus is airborne and therefore the safest return to school includes the wearing of face masks/coverings In classrooms and crowded indoor school settings.


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