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To: Mr. Charles Flanagan, Mr. John McGuinness, Mr. John Paul Phelan, Mr. Robert Aylward, Mr. Patrick Deering, Ms Kathleen Funchion

Keep Michael in Ireland - from Carlow College, St. Patrick's

Michael Chrichton Usiku is a valued member of the Carlow College community, one who is facing deportation at the instruction of the Minister for Justice. This deportation order was issued as the result of an expired student visa, which ran its course due a series of circumstances beyond his control. We, as his fellow learners and representatives, call upon those here-named, to review Michael's case and lift his deportation order until he can complete his degree in Carlow College.

Why is this important?

Michael has been resident in Ireland for five years. In those years he has consistently striven towards completing his education, entirely on the merit of his own hard work. Never once has he claimed assistance from the state, and has worked for the entirety of his time in Ireland. The grounds for his deportation were the result of failing to produce documents confirming his attendance at Carlow College; this was an impossibility for the simple reason that his acceptance had yet to be confirmed.

Michael intends to use his degree in Social Political and Community studies to become a community worker, allowing him to better serve in whatever community he comes to reside. Upon achieving his degree, he intends to return to his native Malawi, having completed his education without any financial assistance from the Irish state. The situation in which he finds himself could befall anybody in similar circumstances, and the ends to which intends to turn his degree are supremely noble. By allowing him to complete his degree we are helping Michael to help others.

The students stand with Michael.
Carlow College stands with Michael.
We need you to stand with Michael too.


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