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To: Board of Governors and Guardians of National Gallery of Ireland, Management of National Gallery of Ireland

Kick Aramark out of National Gallery of Ireland

Retract the contract for catering services awarded to Aramark by the National Gallery of Ireland.

Why is this important?

The decision to award this contract is distressing.

Aramark is an American corporation that operates three Direct Provision centres for the State in Cork, Clare and Westmeath and are commercially interested in prison system in the US prison system.

The National Gallery of Ireland has awarded catering services to a corporation that is regularly criticised for its treatment of those in the asylum system and its profiteering off the misery of refugees.

Even more repugnant is how the Gallery management have handled this. The National Gallery has warned staff to ‘think hard’ about their protest, and even withdrew agreed funding from student artists who took a stand against the Gallery management’s decision, trying to censor their criticisms.

Will you stand in solidarity and amplify the acts of protest by signing this petition?

Read more about TENDER, an art project by Art in the Contemporary World students at NCAD here:


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