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To: Department of Education and Department of Health

Investigate Data Collection on Autistic People

Investigate Data Collection on Autistic People

After RTE 'Primetime' exposed the deliberate non-consensual sharing of detailed and sensitive information of approximately 48 autistic children and their families by their doctors, social workers, counsellors, consultants, and staff with the Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education. We ask a number of actions to be taken:

1. That the affected families are fully informed.
Many of these children are now adults; they and their families must be contacted to be informed that their private information has been shared without their consent.

2.That autistic children have equitable access to appropriate education and that their right to privacy and dignity is given due respect.

3.That public trust is restored by the commissioning of a transparent, independent investigation.

Why is this important?

The rights of autistic people have been gravely breached. The Department of Education and the Department of Health have conspired to share and indulge in private information of 48 autistic people in order to create barriers for them to obtain essential services.

This stands in clear violation with our rights under the UNCRPD or the protection of those seeking justice under the Equal Status Act, 2000.

Reasons for signing

  • This is beyond inhuman and a total breech of confidentiality. People need to be held accountable.
  • We all need somebody to stand up for us , some time . This is your time . Comad slan slainte [email protected]
  • for rights


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