To: An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar

Justice for Cervical Smear Scandal Victims

Justice for Cervical Smear Scandal Victims

Provide full support including psychological care for all victims and families of the cervical smear cancer scandal. We also want accountability and full transparency from the Government, HSE and CervicalCheck.

Why is this important?

The women of Ireland have been let down. 17 are dead. 208 other women who are warriors are fighting and suffering silently.
Countless women have been let down - lied to. Their results covered up and delayed amid fighting and bickering between consultants in the HSE and Cervical Check over whose responsibility it was to inform them and their families.
Where is the justice? Who is going to stand up and fight for all these women? How many more are out there with misdiagnosed smears walking around like ticking time bombs?
We call on Leo Varadkar to explain to us what he knew about the memo as Minister for Health in 2016. Simon Harris also needs to explain his knowledge of the memo.
1. First and foremost, priority must be given to the victims of this scandal. Support services have not been offered on the back of the news breaking of the cervical smear scandal. Women who are currently in the middle of the fight of their lives need to be offered counselling services, but this unfortunately has not happened yet.
2. We are also calling for the repatriation of our smear tests back to Irish labs.
3. A review/audit of ALL smears carried out over the period of time it was processed in the USA and offer all women a free smear immediately to ensure previous results are actually correct. We will see then how credible Medlab are in screening for our women.
4. Annual audits of all smears must be processed from now on.
So many women in Ireland are now scared. Terrified. Wondering how many of their smears that they have had over the years have been misdiagnosed.
These women are our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends - these women are us.


Reasons for signing

  • Devastated by the disregard for the women of Ireland who have died, and are dying, and the incompetent, uncaring men who refuse to take responsibility.
  • Absolutely disgraced by what has happen, the total disregard for these women's lives and the audacity of Tony O'brien makes me sick to my stomach. Those affected deserve justice.
  • Tony O'Brien needs to resign immediately


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