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To: Mr Owen Keegan CEO Dublin City Council

James Joyce House for cultural heritage NOT a 56 bed hostel

Petition submitted and we won.

James Joyce House for cultural heritage NOT a 56 bed hostel

We call on you, Mr Keegan, to act in the best interests of the city of Dublin, the Irish Nation and scholars worldwide to stop the 'House of the Dead' at 15 Ushers Island, being converted into a 56 bed hostel. This is a one off building, that can never be replaced once it is gone. It is in poor condition and needs an architectural study to be carried out on it. We ask you to consider compulsory purchase of this important building, because it has been neglected. Finnegans Wake is set nearby in Watling Street, so the area could be considered as an appropriate location for centenary celebrations of Ulysses in 2022.

Why is this important?

15 Ushers Island is also called the House of the Dead. The building got this name, because it is the setting of the last short story, in Dubliners written by James Joyce. The house is of value to future generations and to scholars. It is of national and global cultural importance. DCC failed to purchase the house in 2017 when it was for sale. Action must be taken immediately by the council, to restore the building to good condition and national ownership.
We the undersigned object to the planning permission for a 56 bed hostel at 15 Ushers Island, due to these reasons. We also hope a cultural plan for the centenary of Ulysses could be put in place for the house and surrounding area.

How it will be delivered

In person to Mr Owen Keegan


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