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To: World Leaders, Irish Politicians

Irish Clinicians Support the Global Climate Strike

Irish Clinicians Support the Global Climate Strike

Join us on September 20th to support the students and the Global Climate Strike.

Why is this important?

“It is clear that the nature and scale of the response to climate change will be the determining factor in shaping the health of nations for centuries to come.” - The Lancet Countdown 2018.

Climate change has dire implications for human health; exposing vulnerable populations to extreme weather events, altering patterns of infectious diseases, aggravating risks to mental health, and compromising food security, safe drinking water and clean air. Responding to this threat is a responsibility of the health profession.

Irish Doctors for the Environment are joining the Global Climate Strike on September 20th to support the students in "calling for urgent action to prevent climate breakdown and ensure a just and sustainable future".
A full list of the students' demands is available here:

IDE are encouraging Irish health professionals and clinicians who cannot make it to the strike on September 20th to show their support for the cause by signing and sharing this petition.

Dublin, Ireland

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