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To: The goverment

Ireland Ban Boiling Lobsters Alive

Ban crustacean tanks and the barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary practice of stewing these creatures in their own excrement before boiling them alive. Switzerland have recently passed the ban, the UK are currently addressing it, let Ireland also be a world leader in the care and protection of animals.

Why is this important?

We as humans have a responsibility to ensure that animals do not have to endure unnecessary pain. Lobsters can be held in storage tanks with their claws bound for up to a year before being purchased by the end consumer only to be boiled alive in scalding water. It can take up to 3 minutes for a lobster/crab to die in this most horrific way. There is plenty of scientific evidence now available to support the fact that lobsters feel pain and there is absolutely no need for them to die in such a horrifying and inhumane way. Let us put a stop to this forever.


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