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To: The new Irish Government

Introduce a Living Wage for All Workers

Ensure that all workers are paid a minimum Living Wage of €11.45 per hour. This campaign is supported by the Union of Students in Ireland and SIPTU Trade Union, in support of the ICTU campaign for Fair Conditions at Work.

Why is this important?

Making sure that all workers are paid at least the living wage of €11.45 per hour will create a better standard of living for all people. It will reduce poverty, boost local economies and ensure an inclusive society for all people.
For more info on fair working conditions, visit:


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Reasons for signing

  • Because even though ill have a level 7 childcare degree, i wont be earning enough to pay bills.. the wage is so low, it is ridiculous really, paying over 3k for college and not seeing a good salary as a result... what a waste of time really.
  • to fight for #MyWorkersRights
  • Nobody deserves to live in poverty.


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