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To: ministry of education and Minister Norma Foley

Improve Autism Services in schools

Sign the petition to let the minister of education implement a long term, inclusive educational plan with a massive increase to the budget for special services in education

Why is this important?

It will help ensure autistic kids a get a sufficient and useful education, this will also give them greater independence, autonomy and allow for societal inclusion.

By creating a specific curriculum that caters to their different needs and is in line with today’s world view, they will be able to teach them things that are useful to their own personal development. Increasing the sizes of classes for those with autism or building specific schools will help ensure that those who need those services can get it. Increasing SNA’s and investing more into individual child costs will also help. As increasing support will help them reach their goals better.


2022-02-20 10:19:19 +0000

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