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To: Open Letter To The Chief Justice of Ireland & Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland

I Believe Her

Dear Chief and Lord Justices,

Women across Ireland do not feel that they can report sexual assault for fear they will be even more traumatised by the process.

The Belfast Rape Case has brought this into sharp focus. The case has sparked a nationwide conversation about how rape and sexual assault cases are conducted.
The woman involved was shamed publicly. She didn’t even have her own legal representation.

From rape crisis centres, to policing and legal experts, there is widespread agreement that our court system makes it very difficult for victims of sexual assault to report their experiences.

It’s vital that people who have been sexually assaulted feel that they can come forward. Otherwise, rapists will never be brought to justice and our whole society is less safe.

We, the undersigned, call on you to show leadership in making the changes needed to the judicial systems on the island of Ireland so that victims have faith and trust in the process of seeking justice.

It’s time that all involved are treated in a manner in keeping with the basic principles of a decent and just society.

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