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To: Heather Humphreys, Department of Social Protection

Hot Lunches for Knockmore Junior School Tallaght

To provide a hot lunch to 149 children in Knockmore Junior School, Killinarden, Tallaght. All other local schools in Killinarden - have been awarded hot school meals. Brothers, sisters, neighbours & friends will have a hot lunch from May 29th while Knockmore Junior School will not due to a lottery system run by School Meals, Dept of Social Protection

Why is this important?

Children sharing the same campus and buildings will have different meals. Junior school children will have a cold lunch while children in the adjoining senior school, along with all other children in the parish, will have a hot lunch. Killinarden is a area of social and economic deprivation. A hot school meal is essential for the development of the child and their full engagement in education.

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