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To: The department of education

Homophobic bullying helpline.

I would like for there to be a country wide helpline to combat homophobic bullying in school.

Why is this important?

Homophobia in schools has effected many students all over Ireland,some students mental health becoming permanently destroyed in the process. From calling someone gay for liking something stereotypically male or female to calling someone homophobic slurs and telling them there "not valid" and "doing it for attention", homophobic bullying is a horrible thing that should happen to NOBODY. In recent years the government has tried to combat this, but there is still a lot of work to do. I think i good way to help would be, by making a country wide helpline for students suffering from homophobic bullying in schools, it would be confidential and easy for all students of any age to access, say next to the principles office there could be a poster with the phone number for the helpline on it. There are already lots of helplines for young people like SpunOut and belong-too but, I think that there should be a helpline solely dedicated to helping this issue. I wouldn't think a helpline would be hard to set up, its not like im asking for a country wide change of all the rules, So please don't let this petition be unnoticed, this is a really serious problem the NEEDS to be solved.

Thank you.


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