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To: Emma Walmsley, CEO

GSK pay what you owe to the Mother and Baby redress scheme.

Make GSK pay for medical experiments conducted without consent in Mother and Baby Homes.

Right now, GSK is refusing to serve justice and pay to the State’s €800 million redress scheme for survivors. [1]

Why is this important?

Children in Mother and Baby home were used for vaccine trial experiments without their parents’ or guardians’ consent, or even without their knowledge.

GSK experimented with at least 13 vaccines and 2 milk formula trials, denying any harm. However, reports like Murphy's - Trial G states that “a significant number of adverse reactions were reported among children involved”, they also got “infantile spasms” after vaccinations. GSK needs to take the responsibility for all harm done to children and their parents from Baby and Mother Homes.

GSK used the most vulnerable children. They targeted defenseless mothers. GSK recruited children with Down syndrome, deformity, heart diseases. They described one of the mothers as “mentally handicapped”. All that is seen as an excuse. All of those children were used without the consent.

GSK is a pharmaceutical giant with worldwide sales of £29.3 billion (€33 billion) in 2022. They need to pay for the justice.

If we put GSK CEO in the spotlight and boycott their products, we can show Emma Walmsley that we won't support a pharmaceutical behemoth that is refusing to pay what they are own to Mother and Baby Homes.



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