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To: Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceutical company

Glaxo Smith Kline compensate Mother and Baby Home survivors

Contribute to the State’s redress scheme for survivors.

Why is this important?

Ever since Judge Yvonne Murphy published the final report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes in January 2021, GSK has been refusing to contribute to the State’s €800 million redress scheme for survivors, despite two of its companies having commissioned unlicensed vaccine trials on child residents that contravened the ethical and regulatory standards of the time. The trials for Glaxo Laboratories and Wellcome, which were subsequently acquired by the corporation now known as GSK, were conducted on some of Ireland’s most vulnerable little children without their parents’ or guardians’ consent, or even their knowledge. GSK Plc is a pharmaceutical behemoth that rang up worldwide sales of £29.3 billion (€33 billion) in 2022.


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