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To: Rialtas na hÉireann

Give NI Women Bodily Autonomy

We want the Republic of Ireland government to exercise their voice in talks with Great Britain and Northern Ireland to foreground human rights abuses in NI.

Why is this important?

This year, Irish leaders will meet with GB and NI politicians to discuss power-sharing objectives for NI. We want our human rights to be at the top of their list. We ask the Government of Ireland to bring bodily autonomy to the table during their talks with the UK government, and to be a voice for their citizens resident in NI.

Women in Northern Ireland are unrepresented. We are Irish citizens, living without the protection of the Irish government, and with no functioning government of our own to petition. We have fewer rights than our peers across the border. Currently, a woman or pregnant person in NI can face life imprisonment for procuring an abortion in their own jurisdiction. The result of this is that pregnant people are compelled to travel at cost for abortions, ensuring that our human rights are accessible on a socially and economically divisive basis.

Women and pregnant people in the Republic of Ireland have been given the bodily autonomy we all deserve. Their efforts to obtain this basic human right were actively supported by the many NI women resident in the Republic, and by those resident in the North. We are owed the support of the Irish people and of the Irish government. It is reprehensible that we are still denied the fundamental human rights now ostensibly protected by the two governments who claim us as citizens or subjects.

We insist upon our right to make choices about our bodies, and about our reproductive health without threat or fear of recrimination. We demand that our justice system not be commandeered to condemn women exercising their human right to bodily autonomy.

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