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To: The Irish Government

Take Egypt to Court to Free Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa has been freed

Take a legal challenge against Egypt in the International Court of Justice for violating Ibrahim Halawa's human rights.

Why is this important?

Just when we thought Ibrahim was coming home, the finish line was moved again by the Egyptian courts. This time, the verdict has been delayed until September 18th.

The next three weeks are crucial. The Irish Government must show that they are willing to take legal action unless Ibrahim is granted his freedom.

Reasons for signing

  • Free da bro thousand times
  • Because free him!
  • Ibrahim has been jailed for peacefully protesting which is a fundamental right of every citizen. He deserves the support of the Irish people to help secure his release.


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Petition is successful with 6,662 signatures

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We delivered the petition to Minister Katherine Zappone in April

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