To: The Irish Government

Take Egypt to Court to free Ibrahim Halawa

Take a legal challenge against Egypt in the International Court of Justice for violating Ibrahim Halawa's human rights.

Why is this important?

Ibrahim is currently on hunger strike after been detained at the age of seventeen for peaceful protesting. He is now twenty-one years of age and is being held in awful conditions in Egypt. He is an Irish citizen and needs our support.

Amnesty International has established that Ibrahim Halawa is a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and assembly.
We urge the Egyptian authorities to release Ibrahim from his unlawful detention for expressing his right to free speech.

Ibrahim's detainment without trial is more than deeply upsetting and dis-appointing-Factually it is a clear breach of human rights and it is long past time that the Irish government need to act on behalf of Ibrahim Halawa.

Reasons for signing

  • I think it's terrible this Muslim brotherhood member and their ISIS affiliate are in jail. Maybe we should start a uplift petition for Coptic Christians being murdered by daddy HALAWA Muslim brotherhood and ISIS friends. Absolute SCUM the lot of ye. Have a pleasant day.
  • Ibrahim has been jailed for peacefully protesting which is a fundamental right of every citizen. He deserves the support of the Irish people to help secure his release.
  • Ibrahim went to school with my daughter Orlagh and they sat the Leaving Certificate the same year. This Summer Orlagh will graduate from University while Ibrahim has spent the last 4 years in prison in Egypt. Time for this young man to come home ❤


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