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To: Shane Ross (Minister for Transport), N.T.A (National Transport Authority) and Dublin Bus

For a better and more reliable 47 bus Route for the Stepaside Community

For a better and more reliable 47 bus Route for the Stepaside Community

The Stepaside Community and surrounding areas deserve a more reliable, more frequent bus service than the 1 an hour that we currently get, Stepaside is a growing population and quite frankly one bus an hour doesn't meet the growing demand, we have cases of some of these buses that are currently in place not turning up and we are told we will have to wait an hour for the next one, we also have issues where theres people with prams or wheelchair users along the route who have numerously been refused because someone else is in the wheelchair/pram section already, neither should be refused and expected to wait an hour and sometimes longer, if we had a 47 bus every 20/30 minutes at least we know we're not going to be waiting an hour for the next one, i am pleading with Shane Ross, the NTA and Dublin Bus to look into and implement a better,more frequent and reliable bus service for the Stepaside Community.

Why is this important?

This is extremely important, we have school kids, College students, Elderly people and people with disabilities either going to school,College,Hospital or doctors appointments and people using the bus to get shopping, 1 an hour is not enough especially at peak times, not to mention at winter time when people are standing in the cold and the rain or snow with no bus shelter and a Bus thats due may or may not turn up, Stepaside is a huge population now and still growing, bus service no longer meets that growing demand.

Stepaside, County Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • From 8am until 5.15pm we have a bus every 75 mins after that every hour. If the bus breaks down or a driver doesn't turn up Dublin Bus don't send a replacement bus. This service is not good enough for all the residents in the Sandyford/ Stepaside area. During rush hour because of the route of the 47 bus it takes sometimes over an hour to get into town or home in the evening. We NEED a better and more frequent bus service.


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