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To: Taoiseach, Simon Harris Minister of Health, Helen Mc Entee, Minister of State for Older People

Fair Deal Scheme To Be allowed for Home Care

Fair Deal  Scheme To Be allowed for Home Care

I want the Minister to agree for the Fair Deal Scheme to be used for home care. Most elderly people want to stay at home. This needs to change for the better for our elderly.

Why is this important?

This is very important to my family and I. My mum has Alzheimer's and her condition is progressing fast. My mum would like to stay in her home for as long as she can. I want the scheme to be allowed for Home Care. Most people want to stay in their own homes. Like the saying home is were the heart is. We need to allow the elderly their dignity and if they want to stay at home they should be allowed to.


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Reasons for signing

  • My dad is 96 years old and I would love him to be able to spend his final years in his own home where he is happiest ,his had been a great asset to his community through the years so he at least deserve s to be looked after in his own home if possible
  • Its not fair. People need to be afforded their dignity in later life instead of being forced to desl with a chronically failing health system and strangers.
  • Because my mother suffered from dementia, it is an awful disease and and anyone suffering from it deserves every help that can be afforded to them


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