To: Minister of State for the Diaspora, Sean Fleming

Extend Presidential voting rights to Northern Ireland

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

Irish citizens living just over the Border in Northern Ireland are currently denied the right to vote for an Irish President. This is out of step with other EU Member states. A referendum determine extending voting rights must be held quickly.

Why is this important?

Despite an Irish citizen from Northern Ireland having held the role of President of Ireland (Mary McAleese), it is an anomaly that they are not allowed to vote in the election.

125 states and territories allow people living abroad to participate in legislative elections, 88 allow participation in presidential elections and 73 countries and territories allow citizens overseas to participate in referendums. Ireland is not one of them.

Of the 14 EU Member States that hold direct Presidential elections, only Ireland, Slovakia and Cyprus deprive their overseas citizens of the vote.


Northern Ireland, UK

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