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To: Helen McEntee, Minister for Justice

Equality for Same-Sex Relationship Refugees NOW

Make changes to International Protection (Family Reunification) (Amendment) Bill so it will allow unification for people in same-sex relationship seeking refugee status in Ireland

Why is this important?

Right now in Ireland, under the law which is supposed to provide international protection status to refugees (International Protection Act) is indirectly discriminating against same-sex couples. Those who want to reunite with their partners must have been either married or been in a civil union before arriving in Ireland to seek asylum.

In lots of instances, people seeking international protection comes from countries where homosexuality is not as accepted as it is in Ireland.

Between Jan 2017 and Dec 2021, there were over 670 applications for family reunification, and not one was for a same-sex couple because they cannot meet the requirements as set out by this law.

The International Protection Act should be amended to put same-sex couples on equal footing and in with a fair chance at family reunification.

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2022-08-15 15:07:43 +0100

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