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To: HSE, Government councillors

Equal Opportunity for HSE Counselling Positions

The National Association for Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy (NAPCP) is one of several independent regulatory bodies for counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland. The NAPCP comprises of members at every level of the counselling profession (student, pre-accredited, accredited, supervisor). Despite robust accreditation requirements comparable to other regulatory bodies (Level 7 Qualification, 450 hours clinical practice), the NAPCP is currently excluded from consideration for counselling positions with the Health Service Executive. This continues, despite overwhelming evidence that Ireland is facing a mental health crisis, as those in need remain on extensive waiting lists for vital supports.

We are calling upon our elected representatives to lobby the HSE, calling upon them to give full consideration to NAPCP members - thus drawing from a wider pool of highly-skilled, qualified mental health professionals.

Why is this important?

Aside from being unfair to NAPCP members who have worked hard to meet rigorous professional requirements, for the HSE to continue with these exclusionary hiring practices would be gravely irresponsible and potentially damaging to members of the public - many of whom are not currently receiving the care that they need.


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