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To: GTArcade

Ensure GTarcade stop their criminal negligence with their members monies

Ensure GTarcade stop their criminal negligence with their members monies

Roll back the server to before kvk began and give players proper recompense for the damage done to their accounts by their mistake.

Why is this important?

Game of Thrones Players on GTArcade spend hundreds and thousands on their game to get a reliable and expected experience out of it, however with GTArcades actions they are destroying accounts that players have invested so much time and money into through willful negligence. As the King on Kingdom 34, I am starting this petition on behalf of the players on my server and others effected by this 'mistake'

Reasons for signing

  • Give players proper compensation!!!
  • Jim, perhaps if you hadn't driven away decent players from K34 with your bullying, you would have had help during kvk? You were bullied on your previous server, and then joined k34 and started to bully smaller players. Your desperate need for power has become so bad that entire alliances are considering leaving k34. YOU are the reason that k34 got burned. Next time don't start a server way 2 weeks before kvk? No one forced you to spend thousands of dollars. Gtarcade owes you NOTHING
  • This Kvk was a mess and allready over bevor it started. the compensation was a joke, Players with more than 1 million losses, have to pay to compensate their losses. Some Bugs or dismanagement could happen, like, bugs or servercrash or some other little things, thats not tragical. This Kvk Desaster on the other hand, are things that are unnessesary and shuold not happens. nevver, its like a red tape or an epic fail


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