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To: The Taoiseach - Leo Varadkar, Minister for Justice - Charles Flanagan, Minister for Housing - Eoghan Murphy

End Vulture Fund Evictions

End Vulture Fund Evictions

End the sale of private debts to Vulture Funds.

Why is this important?

Vulture funds are indicative of a failed banking system.

The term is coined in respect of the bird which feasts upon dead or dying creatures, it picks the final pieces of flesh from the bones.

This is what is happening in Fine Gael/Fianna Fails Ireland.

They are a corrupt force that take advantage of bad debt and poverty and have zero mercy in enforcing their control.

The State has been complicit in this, Gardaí accompanying hired mercenaries to enact violence on people whose only crime is to want to keep a roof over their heads.

We need legislate to end the sale of distressed debt to Vulture Funds.

Protect Irish citizens from evictions as result of Vulture Fund acquisitions.

Vulture Funds can buy a bad debt for as little as 4 cent for every €1, they then sue and for the full amount. So a customer could possibly, in theory have a debt of €100,000 - the Vultures buy it for €4,000 and sue the customer for €100,000 plus legal fees.

This is a corrupt and unjust system designed to subjugate the working class and we demand that it ends, immediately!


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