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To: Department of Education/ Fingal County Council

Clonard Brook Pollinator Walk

We want the Department of Education and Fingal Council to take responsibility for maintenance of this area. We want them to work together and with the community to ensure basic maintenance of this area.

Why is this important?

This area has potential but due to neglect, it has become an eyesore and is prone to littering and illegal dumping.
It is a walking route to Colaiste Glor na Mara.
It is a walking route for many people on leisure activities such as dog walking.
It is used by children as they learn to ride their bikes.

Taylor Hill Residents Association did plant over 100 pollinator friendly trees and other plants in 2021, with support from Fingal Council.

A lot of work from various groups has gone into make this space nice. Local adults and children spent much of the pandemic painting murals in the Summer. This was followed by a collaborative mural project between Bremore ETSS and Colaiste Glor na Mara which involved Transition Years painting murals to promote environmental awareness.

We believe with proper support this area can truly become the Clonard Brook Pollinator Walk.

his activity is spoiled when there is evidence of neglect and abuse of this land. The school fence has been broken and is unrepaired. Trolleys are dumped in the stream. As there is such overgrowth, it is impossible to for us to litter pick.

How it will be delivered

Once we achieve the required number of signatures, the petition will form part of a presentation to Fingal Council and the Department of Education

Taylor Hill Walk, Clogheder, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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