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To: Dublin City Council, Fungal Council, DLR Council

Eileen Gleeson must go for "bad behaviour" comments

Ensure Eileen Gleeson resigns or is removed from the post of Director of Dublin Region Homeless Executive. After her recent comments it is clear that her leadership stands contrary to the organisations goals. She said ‘when somebody becomes homeless it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years of bad behaviour that isn’t the behaviour of you and me’.

Why is this important?

Dublin Region Homeless Executive should be a body that understands homelessness, that supports homeless individuals and their needs.

Recent comments by Ms Gleeson show a lack of empathy and understanding of homeless individuals and families [1] stating that homelessness is a result of bad behaviour.

Saying that volunteers who offer soup or tents are being unhelpful shows that Ms Gleeson is only focussed on homelessness as a problem to society rather than a symptom of society.

These public comments do not reflect the person-centred approach advocated by the Homeless Executive's mission and show that Ms Gleeson is unfit to lead an organisation that so badly needs to embody a more humane approach to their cause.


Dublin, Ireland

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2017-11-15 16:39:22 +0000

Eileen Gleeson was on LunchtimeLive and was asked to retract her statements and she wouldn't do it, she claimed she could have used better language but stood over her misguided message.

Erica Fleming did a great job putting the outrage lots of are feeling into words though!

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