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To: Director General of HSE Paul Reid & CEO Enable Ireland John O'Sullivan

Don't withdraw our Speech and Language Therapy teacher.

Alan and other parents in St. Mary’s Special School in Meath were successful in keeping Speech and Language services for their children after thousands of us got behind their petition.

The parents, students and supporters of St Mary's Special School in Navan are calling on you to retain our Speech and Language Therapy teacher.

Why is this important?

If our Speech and Language Therapy teacher is withdrawn it means that out of 55 children receiving Speech and Language Therapy in the school only 5 will continue to receive it in St Mary's. Parents of special needs children have to fight tooth and nail for any services for their children and to think a service that is having a positive effect on all these children's progression is going to be withdrawn is absolutely disgraceful and unforgivable. We are calling on all our local Councillors and TD's particularly those in Government for support and to use their influence to have this decision reversed.

Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

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