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To: An Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Minister of State for Disability Anne Rabbitte

Don't leave Disabled Drivers and Passengers without Transport

Re-instate the Motorised Transport Grant, the Mobility Allowance and/or issuing of Primary Medical Certificates for Disabled Drivers and Passengers Scheme.

Why is this important?

In 2013, the Motorised Transport Grant and the Mobility Allowance were both suspended. As a result, many people, especially in rural areas were left with no means of transport.

in 2020, there are over 170 people waiting for the Primary Medical Certificates needed to access the Disabled Driver and Disabled Passengers Scheme, but these have also been suspended pending a Supreme Court Ruling.

We do not have a public transport system that facilitates the full-participation of people with disabilities. At the same time, access to private transport is being held up by what Finance Minister Pascal O'Donohue claims are, 'complex legal and policy issues',


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