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To: Dublin City Council

Keep Pedestrianisation on Capel and Parliament Street

DCC announced an extension to the trial and a public consultation

We want Dublin City Council to continue with the successful partial pedestrianisation of Parliament Street and Capel Street for 2 reasons

1. To support the local businesses on those streets
2. To provide space (away from traffic) for people to enjoy themselves in a safe environment during the pandemic

Why is this important?

We have seen the success of the campaign. Dublin City Council (DCC) even hinted at it in their social media campaigns with over 300,000 people having enjoyed the pedestrianised. Yet, despite the popularity, DCC are looking to end the pedestrianisation. We want to see it continued as we still need Covid-safe environments to meet with friends going into the winter.

Please also email your local councillor to make sure this happens. List here:

Dublin, Ireland

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