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To: Fingal County Council

'Dogs On Leash' Signs needed for Seabury parks in Malahide

We need signs to let dog owners know that they are legally obliged to keep their dogs ON THE LEASH at certain times in our public parks.

Why is this important?

- Off-leash dogs are a potential danger to everyone, including toddlers and children who can easily be knocked over or even attacked.

- Off-leash dogs are causing a lot more dogs poo in the park area and nobody is cleaning it up.

- We need signs to tell dog owners that they need to keep their dogs on a leash at certain times in Seabury public parks.

- Please sign this petition if you agree.

Fingal County Council - Regional Parks and Open Spaces Bye-Laws 2017 also states:

"Dogs in parks and open spaces shall be kept on a leash, other than in areas designated as off-leash areas, or at times specified by the County Council. Dogs must be kept under effectual control at all times. Dogs (other than guide dogs or assistance dogs) shall not be permitted in public playgrounds. A person shall not cause or allow any Restricted Breed, as defined in the Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 (as amended) belonging to him/her, or in his/her charge to enter or remain in the park unless such dog is kept securely muzzled and led on a sufficiently strong leash or chain not exceeding two metres in length by a competent person over 16 years of age." (ref:

Seabury Wood, Yellow Walls, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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