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To: Environmental Protection Agency

Divers Against Dumping

Review and allow for public consultation on a Dumping at Sea licence issued in 2011 before Dublin Bay became a designated Special Area of Conservation and UNESCO Biosphere. Suspend dumping operations that commenced 20th June 2016 until such a review is undertaken.

Why is this important?

This is important as it appears that the Dublin Port Company failed to adhere to licence conditions in previous dumping carried out under the same licence and these failures to comply were not acted upon by the regulatory authority (EPA). These conditions were imposed to protect the Bay. As the cultural status of the site has since been raised to an SAC its protection has been recognised under both Irish and EU legislation as now being even more important. The Irish Underwater Council (IUC) believe that dumping at the designated dump site of the Burford Bank, will cause long term damage to an environment already only gradually recovering from previous significant historical dumping. While the IUC recognises the necessity of the dredging being carried out, we believe alternative dump sites must be considered. If the use of the current dumpsite is to continue, then this activity must undergo the proper appropriate assessment required for EU protected sites.

Dublin, Ireland

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