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To: Minister Anne Rabbit

Disability shouldn't equal poverty - increase disability payments now

Being disabled we are faced with many challenges in life. Poverty shouldn't be one of them. "The inequalities experienced by persons with disabilities are further exacerbated by the intersectionality with other diverse identities and minority statuses resulting in millions of adults and children with disabilities living in conditions of poverty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation." (Johnson & Woll, 2003; World Health Organization, 2011)
No one ever sought a disability. None of us would ever seek to live in abject poverty, well below the breadline on 208 euro a week. This is preventing disabled people from purchasing homes and leaving us subject to the rental market.
Many disabled people work and avail of the generous return to work package offered by the Department of Social Protection, but many more can not work and are trapped in a life of poverty.
With the coming increase in minimum wage in January the government is now actively discriminating against disabled people and those with chronic illness who can not work, leaving them to face the ravages of hyper inflation.
Already forced to live on poverty income, many are now faced with further hardship.
We demand that disability payment is kept in line with inflation and the living wage.

Why is this important?

We call on the Minister to implement the UNCRPD and UN resolution on disability and for those living with rare disease and chronic illness, to ensure they survive in this cost of living crisis.


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