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To: Clare County Council

Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in Clare

Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in Clare
Publish a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Action Plan for County Clare
Report regularly on the progress of the plans.

Why is this important?

County Clare is vulnerable to increasingly severe climate events, including drought, flooding, high winds, and storm surges according to Clare County Council's Climate Adaptation Strategy 2019 - 2024. These events are likely to affect farming, transport, economic activity and day to day living and as such must be considered to be of major concern to the county.
Equally, Clare Country Council has acknowledged the threat to biodiversity and our natural human dependence on maintaing both plant and animal biodiverisity to sustain our local communities (Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023).
However, the extent of the threat must be acknowledged by the council in order to educate the public and provide a detailed and coherent emergency response which matches the real urgency of the problems we are facing.
Therefore, we are calling on Clare County Council to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency and to publish both a climate and biodiversity emergency action plan which details practical solutions to ensure that Clare is prepared for the likely effects that climate change will have over the coming years.
Clare, Ireland

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Today we will present this petition to Clare County Council’s meeting at 3pm.

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