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To: Nandos Ireland - Beverly Swift

Create halal options in Nandos Ireland

Create halal options in Nandos Ireland

Nandos Ireland have food suited for vegetarians , meat lover and vegans . We need halal chicken options in Nandos . A menu where there is 2 or 3 chicken options , cooked and served separately from the rest of the chicken. It is important for everyones dietary needs to be catered for , especially if it is part of their religious beliefs

Why is this important?

This is important because there are at least 100,000 Muslims in Ireland , a forever growing population. Nandos UK have 434 Nandos outlets and 76 of them are Halal . Nandos have at least 9 restaurants in Dublin alone , yet none of them are halal or provide halal options. We need at least one Nandos with halal options in this country . Ireland claims to be an inclusive and diverse country , yet were one of the only dietary groups in the country that are not catered to in mainstream restaurant and fastfood chains. This is 2021 . We need these options. We need this change in Ireland. We would like Nandos Ireland to set the standard because everyone deserves a cheeky Nandos.


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2021-03-03 22:36:52 +0000

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2021-02-26 17:38:41 +0000

Hi everyone, I currently have a detailed update of everything on my Twitter- baisatxalawiye. We are definitely making progress with the petition and also with spreading awareness on halal food in Ireland. Thank you all for the support. Any questions, let me know.

2021-02-09 20:56:44 +0000

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