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To: Wexford County Council

Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre

Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre

We are calling on Wexford County Council to take over the ownership and operation of Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre for the people and communities of the surrounding areas. The population of Gorey and its surrounding areas is more than 14,000; more than both New Ross and Enniscorthy, where there are County Council operated swimming pools.

Why is this important?

Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre has entered into liquidation jeopardising the continued learning of thousands in North Wexford. As the only public swimming facility providing lessons in the Gorey area it has been a vital amenity for the provision of swimming lessons for children and adults alike.

The associated health benefits with regular exercise are widely accepted, for some the Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre is their only outlet for regular exercise. Whether it’s swimming, aqua aerobics or using the gym, the loss of the facility will be keenly felt by people of all ages and abilities within the surrounding communities.

In a seaside area the loss of year-round swimming lessons to the local communities could result in a fear of using our beautiful beaches and the various offerings that come with those, such as surfing, sailing, sea-swimming etc. and in turn a loss of income for local businesses. In the worst cases the loss of swimming lessons at an early age could lead to mortalities because of a fear of the water.

We urge WCC to take these factors under consideration and to keep the Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre open by taking over the ownership and operation of the facility.

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Thank you,
Leah Johnston
Killian Ormond
Joy Redmond

Wexford, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a much needed facility in our area for everyone's mental health & leisure. We are living in a quiet area with not much to do here & Courtown Adventure Leisure provides a valuable enjoyment for the locals which improves our quality of life. The government spend (& waste) alot of money on things less valuable than a local pool, particularly thinking about the recent news released that they spend €25,000 per day for Dail meetings ...& €60 million annually for advisors!!!
  • My whole family use the pool at Courtown. Save the pool!
  • Good luck with saving the pool.


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