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To: Cork City Councillors

Cork City Council to take a stand on funding housing

Cork City Council is not being provided with enough funding to build public housing. We are asking councillors to refuse to sign off on the budget and force central government to provide the resources required.

Why is this important?

Homelessness is increasing in Cork with no sign of reducing.
The social housing waiting list has people on it for over 10 years.
Rents are increasing year on year.
People are being evicted from their homes.
House prices are soaring as the housing market is being speculated on.

The private sector will not resolve this crisis. Public housing is desperately needed. Unfortunately, central government has no political will to provide this. Public housing cannot be provided by local government if they are not given the resources for this.

We are asking our local councillors to make a statement to central government. Local government needs to be provided with resourcing for building public housing. If they are not provided with resourcing then the council needs to take a stand against the consistent defunding of local government and housing provision. We are asking our councillors to not pass the budget.

On November 9th we will be marching from Patrick's hill to Cork City Hall. Assembling at 4.30.
Join us here:

How it will be delivered

By Hand at the Cork City Council Budget Meeting - November 9th

Cork, Ireland

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