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To: Braniel Primary and Nursery School & Naíscoil na Seolta

Comhlámh le Naíscoil na Seolta/In solidarity with Naíscoil na Seolta

The Irish Language belongs to us all and no one should be the subject of intimidation because of their wish to learn or be educated in it. We stand with Naíscoil na Seolta.

Why is this important?

In Northern Ireland, no matter who we are, our everyday speech is littered with Gaelic and Scots words. Many of the names of our towns and cities are derived from Irish, and it was historically spoken by many Protestant people across Ulster.

It's wrong that a vile social media campaign has led this importance educational resource to move premises. Shared spaces where we learn from each other are vital for our peace-building and our quality of life. We offer our support and respect and stand firmly with all those involved in Naíscoil na Seolta.

Northern Ireland, UK

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