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To: The government

Close The meat plants for covid 19

There are large numbers of meat plant workers becoming infected with covid 19. I am asking the government to close the plant and pay the workers for 2 weeks to allow deep cleaning and health and safety to find a way for social distancing in the industry. This is the one time where I don't want my meat to be murder we must protect the workers.

Why is this important?

Covid19 clusters in the meat industry is risking human lives. No amount of food is worth that. We must protect workers and allow the industry time to adapt while workers recover with pay. Imagine the fear the workers are living under and their familes at the taught of contamination with covid 19 no one should have to work under that stress. Meat plant workers are vitally important in our economic factors it is time we showed them that we care enough to not risk thier lives


2020-05-20 17:17:53 +0100

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