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To: Mr Bruce Phillips, DCC South Central Area Manager

Clean & Fix Dublin 8 playgrounds

Playgrounds inside & near flat complexes in Dubiln 8 need seasonal maintenance
- power washing to get rid of moss,
- broken play equipment fixed or replaced
- broken tiles fixed
- graffiti removed
- weeds removed
- trip hazard gaps in rubber flooring fixed
- broken planks of wood replaced
- chipped/flaking paint redone
- burnt equipment replaced

Why is this important?

Children, parents and grandparents are tripping over pot holes in the playground rubber surface.
Childrens clothes are covered in green slime from the moss on climbing frames.
Some playgrounds have burnt equipment that has still not been repaired.
There can be broken glass in playgrounds.
Summer is coming and the children of Dublin 8 need safe and clean places to play.
The Dublin 8 playgrounds that need attention are in the following locations
- Oliver Bond Flats block CDE
- Oliver Bond Flats block RST
- Tyrone Place 3 playgrounds & pitch
- Watling Street playground
- School Street playground
- Bridgefoot St Playground
- Island Bridge Court playground
- Inchicore Community Centre basketball pitch (pothole & gate locked by health & safety officer)
- Oisin Kelly Park pitch & playground covered in weeds, pothole, broken glass, burnt out
- Weaver Park playground equipment burnt out
- Vicar St Playground pitch & playground
- Poole St Pitch & playground

How it will be delivered

In person to Area Manager Mr Bruce Philips

Dublin 8, Ireland

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2024-05-09 06:10:39 +0100

Campaign Signatures reach 200! Thanks everyone who signed so far! We have reached 200 signatures! The families of Dublin 8 want their playgrounds cleaned & fixed by Dublin City Council!

2024-05-03 10:39:49 +0100

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for signing!! Great news today I got a email back from Bruce Philip’s office saying ‘I will forward your observations regarding the various playgrounds in Dublin 8 to the Housing Area Managers for these areas.’! I am going to keep the petition up over the weekend so please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE and I will hand it in on Tuesday morning (due to Bank Holiday)!!
Thanks again for supporting the kids of Dublin 8 getting the playgrounds & pitches cleaned & fixed!!!! All the best, Zoe Obeimhen

2024-05-02 15:28:45 +0100

100 signatures reached

2024-04-29 19:29:11 +0100

50 signatures reached

2024-04-29 13:17:43 +0100

25 signatures reached

2024-04-29 12:40:01 +0100

10 signatures reached