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To: Carlow County Council

Carlow Needs A Women's Refuge

This campaign was launched for women and children to get a refuge and a means of emergency accommodation in Carlow for Women and Children.

The Council have responded to our calls and given the green light to funding a 6 bedroom house. This is compared to the refuge in Kilkenny which has a capacity of 55 people.

We are calling on the Council to provide a more suitable location to meet the needs and the size of the constituency.

Why is this important?

Currently Carlow Women's Aid are a frontline service for women and children experiencing violence and domestic abuse. The staff are a lifeline in Carlow and have helped to obtain 254 court orders and attended 388 court sittings in 2016 alone.

SAFE Ireland provided a snapshot of one day in Ireland in 2015 - 505 women and 269 children sought support from a domestic violence service.112 women and 147 children were accommodated in a refuge. 18 women couldn't be accommodated in a refuge (SAFE Ireland, 2015).

This huge lack of essential support services results in:

Unmet requests for refuge everyday;
Accommodation problems and homelessness;
Staying in abusive relationships;
Increasing likelihood returning to violent and abusive homes;
Fear of reporting the abuse due to the lack of emergency accommodation available;

This failure of affects women and children living with violence and abuse in their homes - people who are silenced and among some of the most vulnerable in the population.

Leinster, Ireland

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