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To: Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Leader of the DUP

End the DUP's boycott and get Stormont up and running

Get back into government to protect people from fuel poverty, and widespread cuts to public services.

The pressures are too great and the risks are too high. Now is the time to end the boycott and get the institutions up and running again. We need political leaders in office so that important decisions can be taken to address the challenges facing our communities.

Why is this important?

We know that nearly 50% of households in NI are living in fuel poverty and the situation only looks likely to get worse. Choosing between heating and eating is very much a reality for around 100,000 homes in Northern Ireland. High energy prices, inflationary pressures and the cost of living crisis are squeezing households budgets like never before. We need the NI Executive up and running urgently to ease the pressure facing businesses, households and our NHS.

Let the DUP know that it is time to end the boycott.

Northern Ireland, UK

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