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To: Irish Government

Should Mount Brandon be included in the Dingle National Park?

With the Owenmore river and Conor pass now in the hands of the Irish government should the extra land now for sale on the the slopes of mount Brandon be included in the Dingle National Park?

The owenmore fishery is the most unspoilt fishery in the Republic of Ireland. For too long it has been in private hands. Along with Conor Pass the people want this river to become the Dingle Peninsula National Park. The Irish government cannot buy the Conor Pass without the fishery. The people of the Dingle Peninsula want investment and for this fishery to be sold again to a private landlord is something that just cannot happen. Along with the Conor Pass this could be a new national park! The conor pass gets thousands of visitors every year and from the pass the beauty of the Owenmore River and it's lochs is visible to all. Let's not leave it go to the highest bidder once again! The Dingle Peninsula needs this unspoilt area to be recognised for what it truly is! The crown of the Kingdom!

Why is this important?

The Owenmore Fishery has been sold from one private landlord too another. Its has never been in the hands of the Irish People. For the Dingle Peninsula to be recognised as the crown of the Kingdom then the people demand this government to buy what is truly ours. For too long the Dingle Peninsula has not got the recognition that it deserves that stops now. The pass and the river that drains it needs to be in the hands of the Irish people!

How it will be delivered

The people decide what to do! If the support is there then this will pressure the government into buying this property along with the pass!

Cloghane, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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