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To: local council and bus eireann services

Fermoy needs Bus Shelters

A bus shelter is needed at the two main bus stops in Fermoy, Co. Cork, on opposite sides of the street on McCurtain Street; one in the direction of Cork City and the other in the direction of Mitchelstown bus services

Why is this important?

These two bus stops are the most used bus stops in Fermoy of which hundreds of commuters used daily to travel to their desired destinations. In the winter, with reoccurring storms and heavy downfall of precipitation, people waiting to board their bus at these bus stops have no shelter in harsh weather conditions. As the buses are frequently late upon arrival, commuters are subjected to the harsh elements of winter in Ireland. It is of severe importance that Fermoy, Co. Cork is developed to a standard that is similar to that of other major commuting towns of Ireland. Hence, these bus stop shelters for commuters to use are essential during the harsh weather of irish winters.
Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland

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