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To: Minister for Transport - Dublin Bus

Bus-Connects Disconnects Chapelizod !!

Bus-Connects solutions for Chapelizod must be found.
Awhole Villiage is being left stranded. !!

Why is this important?

The bottom line is that at a time when we are supposed to be encouraging people to take public transport, and at a time when the population of Chapelizod is set to increase substantially, we now have a situation which decimates the bus service to and from Chapelizod.We did have more than 6, now we have 1. There are many children from the area who travel to Lucan for School, they will now have to get two busses and Independent travel for some will now not be an option. Also many elderly people in the area rely on the services that were there, and this new arrangement will leave many of them without an easy travel option. We are calling on the Minister for Transport and the Planners to reconsider this decision and commit to giving Chapelizod a bus service fit for purpose for its residents.

Chapelizod, Dublin, Ireland

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