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To: Taoiseach, TDs, Minister for Justice, Minister for State

Bring Moussa to Ireland for sight saving treatment NOW.

Offer sanctuary and urgent medical treatment to save Moussa's eyesight now. His family are approved for resettlement so let's offer them refuge in time to save his eyesight.

Why is this important?

Irish people are supportive of the idea of sponsoring refugee families. Let's start the ball rolling by offering Moussa and his family safety and urgent medical treatment to save his sight. They have already lost their home and live in horrific conditions in Lebanon where medical services are completely stretched. They are approved for resettlement but have not been offered a safe haven so far. This little boy needs urgent medical care which Ireland can provide, and he does not have time to waste. We have the capacity to sponsor this family and many of us are willing to do what we can financially, socially, emotionally to support this boy's family to get to Ireland. Let's make this happen for Moussa and start the important conversation about refugee family sponsorship in Ireland.

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