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To: Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan, National Transport Authority

Bring back the Nitelink

Bring back the Nitelink

People already travelling to and from late shifts for work and generally people trying to travel safely across our city at night, are being put at risk with the cancellation of the NiteLink service.
On top of this, public transport is vital to any efforts to tackle the climate crisis - it is a hugely regressive step for the Nitelink to not be in service. We need to reinstate the Nitelink now.

Why is this important?

People who work night hours are paying huge amounts in taxi fares in order to keep themselves safe travelling to and from work or taking risks around their safety if they can't afford to do that.

Women and other people are at great risk of violence if they cannot access safe and affordable travel at night.

Night transport is a vital part of the night time economy which has been hit hard the last two years and this will be another barrier in people being able to enjoy the cities offerings at night.

Public transport is a vital cog in our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions, reducing the need for cars to be on the road.

We're call on the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan to reinstate the Nitelink now.

Dublin, Ireland

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