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To: President of Ireland

Bring compassion to the upcoming decriminalisation bill on cannabis in Ireland

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash

This is for the people of Ireland not to carry the shame and social stigmatisation that's attached for consuming a plant under there own free will. Look to america and Canada and around the world its about time Ireland follows suit and doesn't punish its own people for making a personal choice . Let the people have there say its there choice let the public have there input fairly as its ones own personal choice to make and they should not be criminalised for personal decisions in this day and age .

Why is this important?

It's a change for the people of Ireland who understand the health benefits of consuming a natural product than an unnatural one and about the people having a say about there own experience and how it's positively affects them in there personal life

How it will be delivered

By bringing awareness to it people should not be punished for small amounts of cannabis its a waste of government funding garda Time and Time for the people who consume to stand up and say enough is enough where not a nanny state anymore .


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Upcoming decriminalisation bill