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To: Chris Xu, SHEIN CEO

Boycott SHEIN

Stand with workers, boycott SHEIN. From destroying our planet to shady labor practices, fast fashion giant SHEIN opened its headquarters in Dublin. We don't want to support companies exploiting people and promoting modern slavery.

Why is this important?

Fast fashion may seem convenient and affordable, but the truth is, it's taking a huge toll on worker's rights. From the usage of harmful chemicals causing sickness among people working in sweatshops to child labor and modern slavery, the fashion industry is one of the biggest exploiters of labor. Garment workers, work day and night for meagre wages, while companies like SHEIN indulge in fleeting fashion trends and earn billions on sufferings.

SHEIN is known not only for stealing designs from artists and small labels but also resorting to questionable practices and inhumane conditions for their sweatshop workers. These people work up to 18 hours a day, and are paid as little as 4 cents per finished clothing item. On top of that, they often face harsh penalties, losing two-thirds of their daily wages for minor mistakes in their work. To make matters worse, SHEIN has shown no hesitation in selling offensive items, like Islamic prayer rugs as decorative mats and swastika necklaces.

This is our time to boycott SHEIN and show them we have had enough of their shady practices and exploitation of vulnerable people.



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