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To: Environment & Transport Minister - Eamon Ryan

Get SUVs off our roads

SUVs need to be phased out. They cause more pollution than other cars and are more dangerous on the roads.

Why is this important?

SUVs are 20% more polluting regular cars. They are bigger, more dangerous and take up more room in parking spaces and on the street.

Even SUVs that are fully electric are emissions-intensive, because of their battery size and the amount of energy they require.

SUV and crossover sales are growing rapidly in Ireland: 55,000 were sold in 2021 (nearly 55% of all new cars). Many people do not actually need an SUV for their daily usage. SUVs popularity is driven more by fashion and marketing than practical considerations. Most SUVs are not designed for off-road use, and their larger size and weight can make them less efficient and more difficult to manoeuvre in urban areas.



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