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To: Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton

Ban micro plastic from Ireland

Ban micro plastic from Ireland

Introduce a ban on toxic and dangerous micro-plastics. You promised to act on this in 2018 but dragged your heels.

Why is this important?

72% of sampled Irish drinking water is contaminated by microplastics [1]. Fish that we eat have been shown to have consumed plastics [2]. We are eating and drinking tiny fragments of plastic - this has become a human health issue of massive proportions.

The Government promised to ban microplastics within a year in 2016, but we are still waiting. [3] Countries all over the world are taking action, and we can too. Richard Bruton, it's time to take decisive action and ban all products containing microplastics!

We're asking Richard Bruton to follow the lead of other countries across Europe and put in place a ban on the manufacture and sale of plastic microbeads in this country. They do not biodegrade and persist for a very long time in the environment,[1]

Reasons for signing

  • Micro plastics are a human health issue as well as an environmental one. Plastic pollutes the ocean we depend on for the air we breath and is a serious threat to marine life. The production of micro beads in Ireland should be banned to stop plastic at its source.
  • We've been washing this junk into the environment for far too long. Now that we know what we're doing to the environment, there is no excuse for not banning it immediately. Please end it now Minister Murphy
  • We need to realise that this plastic could if,it is not adressed result in fish being taken out of the food chain .Because of the health risk to us from this contamination caused ironically by us.


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